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Early gas stations

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Micro Engineering
1940s Gas Station w/Tow Truck

Order-Item # 255-65139
N scale, $19.20

Before the interstates, full-service stations like this could be found in many cities and towns. Kit includes a wealth of exterior detail parts, plus a tow truck to handle roadside repairs.


HO Gas Station

Item #687 MSRP: $50.99 Dimensions - 9½" x 7" x 4½"

For many years the local service station was a fixture in towns throughout the country. Pump attendants would pump your gas, check your oil, wash your windshield and trade stories. The local mechanic would do all sorts of maintenance and repairs based on years of knowledge and without the use of a computer diagnostic system. As cars have become more complicated and time more precious this type of full service station is fast disappearing, replaced by self-service convenience stores and specialized repair shops. The canopy style station we represent was a common design used by many companies.

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497   $16.95Gas Station Stacks of Stuff & Junk Detail Set(18)

Gas Station Kit HO This is an HO Scale Gas Station made by Bachmann.

Other items from Bachmann

45174   $23.00

Catalog Location: Model Trains   Buildings   HO Scale 18 all new original unfinished cast detail parts with gas station related junk. (Battery stacks, radiators, axle housings, tires, hoses, engine blocks, exhaust mufflers, and piles of gas station stuff.)

Kit # All-American Service Station Item 723  $42.95

It wasn’t until Henry Ford introduced the first automobile that the middle class family could afford, the Model T, that the need for a refueling or filling station began to rise. The US’s very first purpose-built gas station appeared in 1905 along Theresa Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri and from that time forward through the 1950s, the service station industry flourished as more and more Americans fell in love with the automobile. Today, the roadside gas station has become synonymous in the US’s historical pop culture with the likes of the ’57 Chevy and Route 66 achieving a level of immortality for post World War Two generations despite their rapid disappearance from our street corners in more recent years. In an effort to honor these now iconic institutions, American Model Builders is proud to announce our latest addition to the HO scale lineup: the All-American Service Station, which includes both the office and service garage. Based on a facility located in Harlingen, Texas in the late 1930s, our structure kit exemplifies a standard cottage style architectural design found throughout the US and Canada. With the entire complex measuring 5.5” long x 6” wide x 2.25” high , the 100% laser-cut buildings features our Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction with scribed siding, simulated metal roofing on the office and rolled roofing on the garage, interior floors, and intricate, lattice fencing connecting the two buildings. Detail parts consist of white metal pumps displaying pump handles and hoses, cast resin oil can rack, coin operated soda chest, and elevated oil tank, and laser-cut island with 2.25” tall stylized station sign. Full color signs for four different brands of gasoline companies as well as other assorted printed gas station paraphernalia are included too.

HO  Unfinished Details Sets  $17.95  Item 500

Stacks of Stuff-Junk Piles. Contains 11 unique and original castings.

Unfinished Detail Kits  Item #504   $10.95  HO-Scale  Old Time Gas Station Pre-1940's

Bar Mills Scale HO-Scale Model

Works Laser-Cut Wood Structure Kits

Bud Smiley's Gas Stop Order-Item# 171-102

  HO-Scale $44.95  OURS: $38.50

   A Great Little Gas Station from Bar Mills  Here’s a structure that will add character to your roadside scenes. Bud Smiley’s Gas Stop is a neat little vintage gas station kit that features a wooden office/store with an overhead canopy. The model includes vintage gas pumps, a pump island, storage tank, a complete set of signs and other details. Because the main parts are laser-cut, assembly is easy and straightforward. Use it to add vintage charm along highways or in the city. 

Bar Mills Scale Model Works Earl's Oil

(Laser-Cut Wood Kit)

Includes Fencing, Tanks, Billboard & Signs, White Metal Details & Lamp heads Order-Item. # 171-801

N scale, $39.95

This small pump house includes the new "Instant-Fence" system, three detailed resin tanks, billboards and signs, white metal castings, lamp heads and a 10-page how-to booklet.

Bar Mills Scale Model Works Tire Stack

Kit (Unpainted Resin Castings)

Almost 100 Tires in Clusters Order-Item.# 171-210 HO-Scale. $11.95

3 Fuel Stands D212  $ 9.00

Set these gas and diesel tanks out in fields, by barns or by garages. They would look great with decals on them. See our Dry Transfer Decals for ideas.

Use HO scale lead-free metal reproductions, such as junk, streetlights and mailboxes throughout your layout. Add color and interest to tracks and rail yards, along city streets and rural lanes, beside warehouse docks and farm buildings. Add "real life" scenes to your layout with color, interest and authenticity. These HO scale people, animals and accessories are highly detailed and lead-free. We recommend assembling with any two-part epoxy or super glue and painting with Mini-Scene  Paint Set and Pewter Patina Finish.

Service Station Attendants - HO Scale

A1948 $20.99    

Service Station Attendants - HO Scale

Taking care of your layout’s car-business, these six guys are busy making repairs, washing windshields, filling ‘her up and checking the dipstick.
Colors may vary from actual product.

Gas Station

Gas Station
HO-Scale  1:87th
(Unpainted Metal Kit )  D223  $21.99
Assembled Size: 4" x 2 7/8"

This is a model of early gas stations when customer service included a full tank, washed windows and a smile. Includes gas pumps, a Phillips 66 sign, an air pump and more.

Street Accessories - HO Scale

A1941  $20.99

Street Accessories - HO Scale

This 18-piece set includes, six parking meters, manhole covers, fire hydrants, trash cans, resting benches, street corner mailbox, a vintage folding-door telephone booth and a woman rummaging in her purse for some change.
Colors may vary from actual product.

Carburetor Chaos - HO Scale

AS5548  $23.99 Carburetor Chaos - HO Scale

Three shade-tree mechanics work on the old panel truck.
Colors may vary from actual product.

Wayne Recker's Tow Service - HO Scale
Wayne is on the job, towing another stranded motorist’s car. 

Colors may vary from actual product.


About Auto Scenes HO-Scale

Capture the classic designs and simple lifestyles of the 1940's and '50s. Each finely crafted, custom painted automobile, figure and accessory adds color, interest and authenticity to any layout, diorama or project. True 1:87 HO scale models. Figures included as shown


BOLEY - 3026-88  1/87 'HO' Scale 

GMC Top kick 2 Axle Tow Truck

Truck Wrecker in Yellow  MSRP $16.99

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